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J3 Audit Group, LLC is a minority owned, Washington, DC metropolitan area based consulting firm with service capabilities across the continental United States.  Our primary area of coverage includes the Washington DC metropolitan area, Baltimore, and from Richmond, VA to Philadelphia, PA. Our group of associates work to identify and monitor control risk, and aid in the maximization of parking operational control.


We offer single engagement services as well as ongoing consulting and audit management assistance.  Our audit programs are designed to be dynamic and are built on years of parking audit experience with the flexibility to be tailored to your unique operational control needs and concerns.  We also work with organizations as a minority partner on joint ventures to provide parking audit expertise.   


Our business model is designed to meet the ever changing climate of today's parking industry. Whether your operational audit needs are big or small, one time engagement, or ongoing, we are here to assist you in meeting your goals and objectives.


Confidentiality is an integral part of our business and each engagement includes a nondisclosure agreement.  Our aim is to provide high level internal audit services without the cost of maintaining a highly trained in-house internal audit department.


Our ideal clients are diverse and range from (1) parking operators, (2) property managers wanting an independent review, (3) private owners who want internal auditing without the burden of having to staff an internal audit department, to (4) cities and municipalities.

"We are your External Parking Auditors with Internal Parking Knowledge"

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